Making Candles

Is making candles really that hard? Fancy making candles that looks like "Ang Ku Kueh", Strawberries and Rainbow Lapis Candles? Stay tuned to this blog as we go through a few series of DIY (Do-it-yourself) Candle Making that you could enjoy safely with your family and loved ones. But before we go through the advanced stage of Candle DIY, let us re-visit Candle Making basics!



  • 1 x Glass Holder for the Candle
  • 1 x Working Glass Holder for preparing the candle
  • Essential Oils (Preferably Candle Fragrances)
  • GrapeSeed Oil
  • Weighing Scale (Preferably Electronic Scale)
  • Candle Wick
  • Color Dye


Steps of candle making process

1. Prepare the working area where you are going to make your candles. We sugggest that you lay some old newspaper on the table-top so as to minimize the mess whilst making your own candles.



2. Take the candle glass and wick (include wick holder). The glass can be the normal glass that you buy from Ikea and yet be used for candle making. You could even use a regular coffee mug as a holder if you wish!



3. We need to secure the wick on to the candle glass base so that later on when pouring the wax into the glass the wick will stay in place. You could use a glue stick and apply a small amount of glue to the base of the candle wick holder and then just glue it into place.



4. Glue the wick to the inside bottom of the candle glass in the center for maximum burning coverage!



5. Next, we prepare the most essential element of the candle making process, Soy Wax. How much Soy Wax to use depends on the candle holder you have. In our case, we measured and fix the weight of the soy wax at 100g.



6. You could choose to double-boil your soy wax or in our case, we melt wax in our microwave oven. Don't worry that you cannot use the same microwave oven to heat or prepare your meals after using it to melt the soy wax. All you need to do is to air it and clean the interior of your microwave oven with a damp cloth once it cools down.



7. We use 3 minutes but if set to "High Power", you could heat it up for 2 minutes.




8. You will see a clear liquid after the soy wax melts completely.


9. To give it a different color to suit your mood, add a small amount of Dye chip. Mix it well, stir until you could rest your two fingers can touch the side of the glass. This means it has cooled down sufficiently to the next step. This step is crucial!


10. Now you can add your choice of Fragrance oil (7ml) and mix well with the liquid wax. Had the wax been too hot that you could not rest your fingers on the side of the glass holder, when you add the fragrance oil, it would immediately vaporise.


11. Now we are ready to pour the mixture into candle glass holder. We used a chopstick to slowly guide the liquid wax into the candle glass holder to minimise spillages on the side of the glass holder.


12. Use a pair of chop-sticks to secure the wick so that wick is positioned in the center of the glass. Do not move the glass holder or touch the wax. Let it cool down till the wax solidifys on its own.


13. Once the wax solidify, you can trim wick.


14. Well Done!! You have made your first very own candle!! Enjoy your candle! 




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