Polarized Bluetooth Glasses With Telescoping Boom Speakers

Polarised Bluetooth glasses with Boom Speakers provide the best protection for eyes, effectively preventing ultraviolet rays and harmful blue light. Built together with a Boom Speaker, you will be able to enjoy wireless music without fumbling with your cables.

Going for a walk or a run on a sunny day and would like to listen to music and stay aware from the glare of the sun rays? With our Polarised Bluetooth glasses with Boom Speakers, you get an accessory that you could use in any environment and occassions. Enjoy wireless music and protection from the ultraviolet rays and harmful blue light anytime, anywhere!


Product Specifications:

√ Freely telescoping boom speakers, 270 rotatable, freely adjustable and comfortable wearing. Max, Volume: 88db with a better sound quality.

√ Built-in Li battery provides 15 hour continual talking and Bluetooth standby time of 100 days.

√ Suitable for various operating platform and potable with compact size

√ Complies with Bluetooth protocol V4.1

√ Color : Black

√ Lens color: Dark Gray´╝îPolarized lenses

√ Frequency:2.4 GHZ ISM Band

√ Full Bluetooth RF Interface & Lower Link Controller functions

√ Transmission maximum range: 10 meters

√ Continuous talking time: 15 hours

√ Audio code: 15 bit resolution, S/N>60dB

√ Standby time: 100 days

√ Operation temperature: -10--55

√ Built-in Li battery: 220mAh


Self Collection is available.